Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The one where we try to potty train Lillian by Christmas(ish)

Ok Im in one of my Stephanie moods.. typical me have a hard day/sad day and I get all empowered.

So last night at my friend Jon's funeral I was talking with my bf Josh and his wife April.. turns out Josh potty trained their daughter K in two weeks. Im jealous with envy and I need this to happen.

So Im giving my self a challenge Lillian and I(yes I, after all I'm part of the problem) will be potty trained by Christmas! So every one hold on for a bumpy mess and we WILL DO THIS! Please send Lillian and I your support this could get messy and ugly! So today November 8th starts officially officially potty training! shoot even send me advice as I haven't done this with my own child EVER!

 Love "Lil's" and "Stepher's"


  1. ahhh since I wrote this and tweeted it she potted on the potty! look at her face in the post.. your going to make me do what?;)

  2. I know you can do it Momma! You are on a money saving kick...just think about how much diapers cost!

  3. You can doooo this! I was actually just thinking the other day that I need to start working with B more on it. So, on my next 3 days off (with nothing else to do), we will prob start working on it. xoxo